Kathy and Owen Took A Covid Day

A Covid Day is one where we are overwhelmed by the stuff we have to go
through because of the Covid along with the normal aggravation of real life

It's actually a skip day....or a mini skip day of several hours

So We Went Out To Lunch At Dairy Queen And Then Roamed Around Lowell For A While

We stopped at this little park to check out the monument
I wondered why there was a monument for Three Greeks
Then Owen kindly suggested that maybe it was Three Creeks
I discovered The three creeks are Cedar Creek, Eagle Creek and West Creek

Monument posing....A cool house....The Gazebo....The fountain

Easter eggs in bushes....Owen posing in front of one of my favorite trucks

Historical Stuff....Vines on the side of a building

A watch cat....An old typewriter and a watch cat....My 2016 Chevy Equinox

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