Brendan and Grandma Kathy


Owen's Soccer Game


Jean and Jeff Work or Run

September 2015

Owen headed out to the field and then headed back to get one of Grandma Kathy's sweatshirts. He played very well!

Brendan watched the game and read.
The boys spent Friday night at my house and they didn't have any cool weather clothing because it wasn't supposed to be cold....and it was.
One of my sweatshirts had pink writing on the back but Brendan was able to wear it when I turned it inside out.
I was chilly and my hair blew around.

Electrical tower, soccer goal and geese....that's my Indiana!

At least it didn't rain...except for the drizzle when we got in the van in DeMotte

The sun came out near the end of the game...nice

Chickens around that stop sign at Cline and 153rd.  Even the boys were

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