Terry won this cell phone for me at a golf tournament.
I took it to Jean's and for some reason she became a little annoyed whenever I used it.

Daphne liked it even though it's bigger than she is.

Cherie uses my phone in Baltimore.

Jen Whaley and I chat during a Halloween Party.

I used my waterproof phone in the water in the Cayman Islands in March, 2004.

In June of 2004, I used my phone to brag about the big Northern I caught in Watersmeet, MI.

In August, the Maids at Disney's Pop Century displayed my phone in our window.
And then I used it poolside.

Mike, Kyle and Kathy use the phone in Mexico.

Hannah on the phone while in the hospital for a week with pneumonia....Alex visits and chats.

Terry and Kathy use the phone in Curacao in January, 2006.

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