Pokagon State Park

February, 2013

The Lahms and Grandma Kathy

We started our trip with take-out from Potbelly.
I gave each boy a quarter for those machines with the junk in them.
Brendan got a toy and Owen got a blue bubble gum.

Checking out the Lahm cabin....Grandma Kathy had a room at the Inn

In the first picture, I told Owen to smile....he said he was.  They I realized I couldn't see his mouth....lol

The toboggan slide and the MPH tracker


The toboggan runners....Here They Come!....Going up the hill to the end of the run.

During the second toboggan run, Brendan and I hung out at the Inn.
He picked out glass bugs for himself and Owen.
I got them recycled horse poop paper and he drew on it.

We watched ice-skaters and birds and took pictures of some of the stuff in the Inn

For dinner, Owen ordered pancakes.  He ate the gummy worm before I could get a picture of it.
Brendan had a peanut butter, honey, marshmellow, M and M's, Reeses pieces, banana and potato chip sandwich.
Jeff's birthday gift from me and Terry is super cool because the "bow" is real bark.

Posing and howling with the wolf

The Lahms hiked to the Nature on Sunday morning

Brendan took the pictures of the trees.  He showed me the last one and told me that tree was much bigger than it looked!

Birds and a squirrel


Brendan enjoys his new book....and then practices poses for Bridget and Darren's upcoming Wedding

Checking out nature.

We also went swimming and enjoyed the hot tub.  It was a great get-away!

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