Brendan and Erin Graduate From Pre-School

May 2010


Posing outside with Abigail....Owen and Jean....Terry and Jeff

Brendan's Graduating Class

We watched a slide show of the Graduates and Brendan received a book of his year

Brendan receives his diploma

     Now let's just say you are a 5-year old boy who just received a neat rolled up piece of paper and you have to go and stand while other students get their pieces of paper.  What to do?  What to do?

Brendan playing pirate

Brendan posing for Grandma Kathy (note the tilted head)....Brendan and Abigail

This is Brendan's Pre-School from last year.  It is my favorite class picture ever.
If you read it from left to right you see some bored and uninterested little students.  Then you get to Brendan.
Cracks me up every time!

Jean working on Brendan's Graduation Hat cake....Owen likes cake

Jean told Brendan that if he didn't brush his teeth, he would end up with gold teeth like Grandma Kathy.
Brendan said, "But I like gold teeth."
I told that to my dental hygienist Beth and she sent me home with a gold tooth for Brendan.
He liked it but he and Owen thought it was way funnier when Grandma Kathy wore it.

Brendan and Owen playing with the Bubble Gun from Grandpa Terry and Grandma Kathy


Grandpa Terry and Uncle Bill saying private prayers for the occasion

Brendan, Hannah, Jean, Bill, Owen, Alex, Becky, Laura and Dave....Laura, Dave, Terry and Kathy
Daphne is in there somewhere, probably by Hannah!

Miss Cindy and Miss Susie with the Graduates....Erin....The Graduates

The exact moment that Erin noticed the Hineses drove in for her Graduation....Songs with hand motions

Erin....Receiving her diploma....With her diploma

Owen in the lobby....Daphne, Hannah and Owen....Maddie and Erin....Maddie and Erin

Jean, Owen, Daphne and Hannah....Erin and Grammy Jo....Erin and Grammy Jo....Grammy Jo, Heather, Jen, Daphne and Maddie

The Cake....Erin's surprise from Mommy and Daphne....The huge doll house....Hannah and Erin checking it out

Neat clothes from Aunt Jean....Grandma Kathy helps open gifts....A gift from Grandma Kathy's Dental Hygienist, Beth

Sparklers in the back yard

Daphne, Erin, Hannah and Brendan....Erin, Daphne, Alex, Hannah and Brendan....Alex....Alex and Owen

Alex....Daphne and Alex....Dave and Erin

Owen and Jean....Dave, Laura, Erin, Alex, Owen and Brendan

Snakes in the Garage

Dave, Alex and Brendan....Alex and Brendan....Alex and Brendan

Bill, Alex, Hannah, Jean, Erin and Brendan....The ash sculpture....Dave sweeping away the ash


Erin....Hannah....Erin....Erin and Hannah....Brendan

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