The Rainforest Cafe



And Kathy's Christmas Tree

We picked out our tree and then had to go back to get the van.
Terry marked the tree with some black tape....I used my scarf

It's the first time I cut down a tree...well...I got more than half way when Terry took over

Our tree at home

I put the Christmas pictures of the girls in one frame...I like it

The Rainforest Cafe

The boys are ready to go

Chatting with a gorilla

Because Jeff and I dressed the boys while Jean was on her way home from work...
Jean didn't know that the boys and I were wearing matching hoodies until we got to the restaurant!  She cracked up

The boys were not thrilled with the large, animatronic jungle animals.  But they were hungry and ate well and were very well behaved.
On the way to Chicago, Brendan and I had an argument about whether or not trees could talk.  He said they could, I said they couldn't.
At the Rainforest Cafe, Jean found a talking tree for us!

We had a fierce wind storm that blew three of my giant ornaments away.
They really were moving like this.
I found the lost ornaments in our yard a couple of days later.

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