Sandhill Cranes

Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area

October, 2012

In the van.  Daphne was home sick and Tessa came too.  Laura napped at home.


Pretty nature stuff on the way to the look-out tower

Broken trees

Grandma Kathy and Tessa

Tessa tries out the binoculars (The cranes are behing her)

Jasper-Pulaski hosts the largest fall congregations of 'Greater' Sandhill Cranes during their southbound migration from the Midwest.  In fact, virtually the entire eastern population of this subspecies stages at this site during fall migration.  Peak daily counts of these birds in mid to late-November often exceed 20,000 individuals; however, the highest known tally for the area occurred on November 26, 2002, when 34,629 Sandhill Cranes were counted.  These birds can also be found in the area during early spring, but they arrive in considerably smaller numbers.---Audubon

Some of the cranes

Daphne....Tessa was quite fascinated by a twig

Daphne sprinted back....Tessa sauntered

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