Fair Oaks Farm Restaurant

Sandhill Cranes

Kathy, Terry, Pat, Bridget and Layla

Special Surprise Visit From Jean K. Lahm

Heading to the farm with a bag of toys from Lady Kathy and Lord Terry.
Layla was immediately interested in the cow and pigs in the rafter.

Coloring is serious business....Thanks, Pat, for picking up the check....Lord Terry....Layla and Lady Kathy

Bridget and Layla
Jean was meeting at the restaurant with a networking group and surprised us!
This is how it might have looked if I thought to take a picture when she was with us!
Layla and the huge fireplace....Curious Layla

Taking the trail to the tower....Layla checks out pine cones....Trees broken in straight-line winds several years ago.

On the tower....Thanks for the great pics, Bridget!

Deer and Sandhill Cranes....We saw a ton of cranes fly in
And then Layla said, "Can we do something else now?"
We all cracked up and left!

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