Cranes and Kids

October 2016


Kathy, Terry and Sandhill Cranes

Layla and Lilly Come for a visit

Visit to Beckys

Alex, Sarah, Hannah, Nick, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen

Sandhill Cranes

What the heck do I see in the field?  Deer!  Then a group came out closer to us....Terry on the ramp

Beautiful Fall Colors

Terry chatting with work buddy, Jeremy Lawson, while cranes start to land

And then tons of birds landed....It was the best show we ever saw here!

Landed cranes....Cranes in the sunset....The lookout platform

And finally, a heart shaped cloud with an arrow through it....All it needs is our initials!

Bridget, Layla and Lilly Visit

Layla and Lilly playing on Lady Kathy's bed....Playing....Bridget uploading a picture of the girls to Facebook

Visit to the Sequoia Inn

Cousins Meeting....With guests Nick and Sarah

Parade at Monument Celebration....Lady Kathy nice and warm....Erin and her eye

Byron High School Band

Hannah marching and posing (with Sarah)

Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast...Then a surprise Birthday Cake for Erin....Birthday Girl Erin and Brendan

Waiting for cake....Eating cake....Daphne eats it from her fork because it is frozen

Hannah doesn't like having her picture taken standing next to Daphne.
Daphne (13) is three years younger than Hannah (16) and taller.
Hannah created a picture she liked with the use of a stool
Hi, Sadie!

Grandma Kathy driving....Daphne looking for traffic problems....Erin and Brendan....Sleeping Owen....Random picture of Daphne and Owen

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