The End of the 2011 School Year

Alex Graduates

Alex chatting with Principal Herkert

Posing in the yard

Hi, there!

Becky....Terry Ditmars....Dr. DeVries

Lauren Ditmars....Hannah....Jack

Ready for summer!

Hannah Performs

Performing Don't Stop Believin'

See the terrific video HERE



Trevor Trzcinski....Angi Ramos

Erin's Field Day

The group....Warming up with exercises

Running with the hoop

Waving at Grandma Kathy....The ball and paddle

Running with the pig....Running with the ball....Tug-of-War

Tessa had a fun time

Brendan's Soccer Game

Brendan is lucky number 13

Brendan play and Jeff watching

Play with his cousins....Jeff chasing Owen

Daphne feeding Tessa....Happy Tessa

Daphne's Field Day

Ready to play.....Passing something

More fun....Laramie and Daphne


Tessa having more fun

Can I have the camera?

Owen Dancing at Brendan's Soccer Game


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