Visit to Sean's Farm

Polkton, North Carolina
October, 2018

The front room....Obie hiding from Vader until he's used to him again....Obie's room (and tool room)....Kathy's Room

Dining area....Hangout when the boys were teens....A calendar....Sean and Jim looking at calendars on either side of the wall (One is Sean's work calendar)

The outside of the house with a huge deck....We hauled the green cart for the tractor in the back of my Terraza
View of the greenhouse in progress from the deck

Part of the deck....Who's a good doggy?

The Fire Pit

The barn....Closing in on the bee hives (I stayed clear of them because this summer I was stung by 10-15 yellow jackets)
I spotted these two bees on the water collected in the rain barrel. Sean told me the bees fly around during the day to drink water and pollinate
The horror....At least these are the only bees I saw during the entire visit

The guys had a bridge to build....I opted to take down barbed wire....With my water bottle around my neck and my tiara in place

The outline of Sean's farm (12 acres) is in orange....completely surrounded by barbed wire. The blue line represents the amount of wire I removed
Michael, Leia and Vader scout out the site....Bridge in progress

Michael gathering dirt for the bridge....Beautiful place where I panned for gold....My new mud boots....Kyle and his new boots

We went to Sean's work, several antique/thrift shops, grocery store and a great seafood buffet one evening

Jim cooked a great steak dinner....Obie agrees

At one point I made deviled eggs from turkeys, chicken and quail....I like Sean's steak knives....Tiara with one of my brother Mike's headbands
And with my shirt....But not with my Tinkerbell ensemble....I really had a good time down on the farm

Who's a good dog?....Who likes to play?....Wanna go for a ride?....Vader running with a toy....The toy box

Michael and Obie....Michael bought a club at a thrift shop and refurbished it

Splitting wood....Trimming a tree....Posing....Taking a break

The greenhouse under construction....The garden....The chicken coop

Some of the fowl...Obie peeking in to the coop

Sean and Kyle feed the last watermelon of the season to the birds

Feeding frenzy

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