Spring Break


Indiana Dunes

Getting out of the van....Erin made a doodle

Taking a hike and noticing the grass growing through the walkway....Daphne with a heart-shaped rock

Tess starting up Devil's Slide....then deciding to stay down below with Grandma Kathy

Laura ran down but Daphne and Erin rolled....Erin enjoys some water

Tess tries out the lake with her sisters and then decides she doesn't like it....lol

Tessa finally decided it was a lot of fun

Happy Splashers

Fun rocks

Grandma Kathy in her Elmo shirt....Laura and Grandma Kathy....Heading back to the van

Lincoln Park Zoo

Daphne had to write a report about Lions so she checked this one out

Checking out animals....Dave gives Tessa a closer look

Erin with birds....Fun to watch

Some more animals....Daphne checks out a zebra

Group photos....Daphne with daffodils

Daphne and Laura....Giraffes

Daphne and Erin watch a friendly sea lion

A vulture....A water fountain....A bear

In the ant hill....Posing on hippos....The meerkats were adorable


Brendan and Owen started their Spring Break in Alabama.
They went to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center with Mommy, Bridget, Danny and Linda.

This was just one of the many fun times they had on their wonderful vacation down south

Treasure Hunt at Grandma Kathy's and Grandpa Terry's

Checking out the map and finding the first idol

Owen hears Raiders of the Lost Ark playing in Grandma Kathy's garage.  He ran in there and danced

Finding the second idol

Kankakee Grand Marsh

On the steps....Crossing the footbridge....Running a lot

Exploring....Geese....And one taking off


Grandma Kathy's hat blew off Owen and into the marsh.  It's fine now

That Playground in DeMotte by the Little League Fields

Slide....See Saw....The Spinner (where they spent most of their time)


Alex and Hannah spent their Spring Break in Wisconsin having a great time with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bill

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