Spring Break 2014

Featuring: Kathy, Pat, Jean, Brendan and Owen

Jean, Brendon and Owen hiked in Mammoth Cave while Kathy and Pat recovered from the long trip to Kentucky

What a wonderful cave hike!

The next morning we headed to this great zoo and cave walk

Brendan subdues a snake.....Posing with an eagle....We needed hard hats with lights and flashlights for the cave because it doesn't have lights!  How cool is that?

Entrance to the cave....A still....Mackey J tells us about the cave

It was a beautiful cave

A formation from below and then from above

Checking for treasures

Sorting through the old coins they found

Where's Owen?....He wandered away....to play with a cat!

A lookout

Pat and a ring-tailed lemur

What fun!

Sheep....Awwww, a baby!

Puppies....One day old lambs....Watching the dogs herd the sheep

Pat washing udders and then milking a cow....for the first time in his life!

Petting several kangaroo

Petting a big emu

White peacocks are not albinos; they have a genetic mutation that is known as Leucism, which causes the lack of pigments in the plumage.  Albino animals and birds have a complete lack of color and red or pink eyes while White peafowl have blue eyes.  The white color appears in other domestically bred peafowl but in different quantities.  Chicks are born yellow and become white as they mature, according to the Peafowl Varieties Database.

Dingo....Brendan in the gift shop

Excellent B-B-Que

There were several freakishly large stuffed animals about....Stock pictures of the water fun area

The Northern Lookout


We went to a ton of small shops....But we didn't go in either of the two pictured above....Pat got some Christmas shopping done

The Lahms went on a hike

Laura, Daphne and Erin spent some of their Spring Break at the Radison in Merrillville....And the girls spent most of their time in the pool!

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