Erin's Preschool

Faith Lutheran Church

January 2010 Stone Soup Lunch

February 2010 Valentine's Day

Our place mats and soup....Erin added the wavy carrots to the soup

Grandma Kathy, Erin and Grandpa Terry....Erin

There was a slide show of about 75 pictures...These are two of the pictures
Erin posed with a real fireman and showed us pictures of Joseph and his coat while wearing her Joseph coat

We all sang and performed "The Circle song"

Valentine's Day Party

Erin shows us her worm name....And continues the Jospeh's Coat theme in her workbook

Grandma Kathy and Mommy....Mommy, Erin and Miss Susie....Erin continuing the Fireman theme....The class goldfish which Erin named Pumpkin

Erin lead us in exercising....Erin and Miss Cindy....Doing the Hokey-Pokey with Mommy

Erin making a valentine and decorating her valentine bag

Our Snack

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