Summer Vacation in Virginia
July, 2000

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The     Alex and Bill    Hannah and Becky    The Hines Family on deck    The flags    Alex wrote on Hannah
The 4th of July on the "Truman" and Alex poses with Hannah after writing on her face and leg with a pen.

Captain George's    Alex at Captain George's    Alex    Alex mugging for the camera    Alex's bed from Michael Corbet    Alex enjoys his new bed
We had a great buffet at Captain George's and Alex got a new bed.

Grandma and Alex    Becky and Hannah    Alex dancing    Alex dancing    The Truman    Our portrait
We had a terrific time on the "Spirit of Norfolk" cruise.

Becky, Alex and Hannah nap    Grandma naps

Becky and Alex on the slide    Becky and Alex    Hannah is bored    Bill and Alex    Bill and Alex    Gandma and Alex

Alex and his shadow    Alex with his hands up    Alex with his hands up again    Alex    Alex warming up    Heading home
Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

Scenery    Scenery    Scenery    Scenery    Scenery    A Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Gardens...and a wedding there.

Alex and a mermaid    Alex with a pinwheel    Going for a boat ride    Naptime
Fun in the beautiful garden.

Presidents    The Hines Family    Kathy
And then there were the presidents!
     Here's what I know about the "Presidential Busts"...Six presidential busts are on display at the Norfolk Botanical Garden where they were moved after York County refused their creator permission to build a park for 41 giant sculptures of the nation's presidents.  Norfolk welcomed them with open arms, and a broad lawn edged with crape myrtles.
     Eighteen-foot-tall likenesses of Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover and Martin Van Buren will be on display until October.
     In late breaking news (July 9, 2000), The York County's planning commission voted to recommend approval of a park where the 15 to 18 foot tall busts of the presidents will be on display.   Watch CNN for further updates!

On the pier    View from the pier    Alex and Hannah    Hannah and Alex    Happy Hannah    Alex in front of a mural
Lunch at Lynnhaven Pier

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