Taste of Orland Park

August 2008

     I was driving to Eileen's and I got in a loooong traffic jam.  Five girls in a car behind me suddenly started laughing and pointing at the back of my car.  I was confused because I don't have any bumper stickers or crap on my car.  Then they started taking pictures.  It was then that I remembered the license plate cover that Becky snuck on my car:

The offending plate cover

Friday Evening

     At the Taste of Orland Park

Jackie, Kathy and Eileen....Sue and Jim

Sean....Kyle....Mike....Why Sean wears a hat


     Eileen's New Car (2008 Honda Accord)
     And Her New Sunglasses (Just Like Kathy's)

Eileen's Car....Eileen in her new sunglasses

Eileen's new parking problem

     At the Library

Art....Side view

Eileen got a new Ipod and asked me to load it.
She has a crappy cd "collection."
I told her that her library loans out music cds.
She was pleased and we went there.
She checked out a bunch of music cds and then celebrated her new Ipod

     At the Mall

Kathy at the Disney Store

     At the Taste of Orland Park

Great Aunt Eileen helps Hannah pick out foam letters for her banner....Her banner

Hannah made a sand sculpture and a painted frisbee (not pictured)

Alex won a trophy for kicking a field goal (on his first attempt).
He won a second trophy (not pictured) for throwing a football

The Family Egg Drop will go much better next year!

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