Tennessee July, 2021

Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen

Jean was super organized for this trip!

The wonderful Bear Pause cabin
The outside....The kitchen

The frontroom where we played games....We never used the dining room as a dining room....Kathy's suite on the main level

Daphne and Erin's room on the top level....The Lahms had two rooms on the lower level....The hot tub on a balcony

The great van Jean found for us to rent for the week

We each had a choice of what to do and Owen chose coasters....I chose to sleep late instead of the coasters

Erin's choice was an Escape room....At one point she made me just sit on a chest while they solved the problems
Jean chose "The Island" where we had a blast....Especially on Sky Fly

For breaks, we watched the beautiful fountain....Note the rainbow in the last picture


We had a fun dinner at Dick's Last Resort....Owen had to get our water for us....Later, when we wanted more water, he had to get that too!

We all love Dolly and we all loved Dollywood

First we re-created a pose from 2013 with Erin and Daphne....A cool guy playing a violin....Walking

A fun ride on the train....Owen playing an instrument

Posing and Mining

Checking out an overlook

Quaint shopping area....Bubba Gump is always good....Brendan choose the Pinball place

The girls found a mask that the three of us could share. Stampede Show with Dinner....Chosen by Kathy....Owen with his next guitar

We toured the Titanic. Parts were somber and parts were fun. This was Daphne's choice and we all enjoyed it.

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