Terry Turns 70

December 31, 2016

Terry, Kathy, Jean, Brendan, Owen, Erin, Cousin Maddie, Pat, Brian,
Bridget, Darren, Layla, Jim, Sue, Kyle and Michael enjoyed a wonderfully delicious dinner.

Sue took the group photos....Thanks, Sue....Jim, Sue, Michael and Kyle

Erin and Cousin Maddie with bright hair....posing....More lip balm from Grandma Kathy for their cruise....No chip manicures
They also took goofy pictures with my camera.....Which is why I have a profile picture of Terry.....lol

Brendan and Owen....Layla and Terry are wearing matching outfits (even the jeans match)....The Birthday Boys:  Brendan and Terry

Lady Kathy and Layla surrounded by Tin Fish decorations

Opening Fun Gifts


Blowing out the candle on one of the 3 dessert trays....Michael and Lady Kathy in matching jackets....Some of the gang leaving....OWEN!

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