Elect a sensible Midwesterner to fix silly-ass California!

Terry Ward's Impeccable Character (his good points):

---Viet Nam Veteran (and not one of them "disturbed" ones either).
---Secret Super hero--can balance budgets real good (has always been rather cheap).
---Thirty-five years disguised as a phone man.
---Married for 34 years.....pause.....to the same woman.
---Father of Becky, Jean and Laura.
---Father-In-Law of Bill, Jeff and Jimmy.
---Grandpa of Alex, Hannah and Daphne (they are all very advanced for their ages).

Testimonials (Nice things said about Terry Ward):

---"He is very patient and kind."--Rebecca Hines
---"Funny person."--James Pistello, CPA
---"Grandpa is nice.  He plays Pokeman Sorry with me."--Alexander Hines
---"Nice guy."--William Hines
---"Terry Ward's integrity and grit could only be equalled--never excelled."--Anonymous
---"Good man."--Jeffrey Lahm
---"Grandpa, can I have a Popsicle?"--Hannah Hines
---"He makes good chili."--Jean K. Lahm
---"The Old Man's a hoot."--Laura Pistello
---"Graaaaa."--Daphne Pistello

Jeffrey M. Eppen made these buttons for you to wear.
Click on the button so you can print up a bunch of them!

Terry doesn't cotton to the internet so mail him money the old-fashioned way.  All campaign contributions have to be given to the Web Master/Campaign Treasurer.  She feels a shopping trip            coming on:
Kathy Ward
9963 N 550 E
DeMotte, IN 46310

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