Thanksgiving 2006

At Jim and Sue's

It was such a beautiful day, Michael, Sean, Emily and Charley played some hoops.

Terry and Pat....Jim fried two turkeys and oven-baked one.

You can't beat the classics.

Two of the turkeys...Father/Son turkey carving.

Sue, Ron, Helen, John, Mike, Terry, Eileen, Kathy, Mary, Pat and Jim
Sean, Michael, Charley, Kyle and Emily

Then we played Scene It and had a lot of fun.

At the Ditmars

Becky, Bill, Alex and Hannah went to John and Terri Ditmars for Thanksgiving Dinner

Terri's parents were there too...everyone had a great time.

At Kathy and Terry's

Alex and Hannah playing cards in the Barbie tent.
Brendan and Hannah in the sandbox.
Alex and Uncle Jeff tossing a football.

Becky claimed her dip was from a Paula Dean recipe but she later confessed she just threw it together.
The tables.

Some people tried the horrible Jones Soda
So I tried to make a jello mold with a stapler in it (for The Office fans among us) but it just sorta fell apart.

We played Trivial Pursuit The 80's Edition....nasty game.  The girls sang a lot.

Wedge Hats

And so the party ends.
At Laura's

The Grandkids took advantage of the great weather and played on the Pistello Palace and Playground.
All the Grandkids....the Boys

Fun on the slide....Brendan.....Alex and Daphne....Alex, Hannah, Daphne and Brendan

Swinging is still the most fun.

Swinging away....Group Photo

Hannah Hanging Upside Down

Hannah and Alex

Playing in leaves....Alex, Daphne, Hannah and Brendan....Hannah, Alex and Brendan

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