Thanksgiving 2007

At The Hineses

Making delicious fresh butter....Some of the great food

Terry and Becky....Alex....Kathy (Bill was at work)


The Princesses posing

At Phil's

The turkey on the grill....the guys doing the cooking.

Ma....Watching The Packers win....The delicious table

Lindsey and Ma....Kathy and Ma

At The Lahms

When Brendan saw the turkey dripping, He said, "Mommy, the chicken is crying!"

Jeff was just a little tired from building their new house....and Owen is always smiley

Owen....The boys playing....The table (with the good China!)

The Hineses

Becky, Bill, Alex and Becky had a cake made by Becky and BBQ Brisket with Janet and Colin

Because the were in Detroit watching The Packers beat the Lions!

Getting ready....notice Becky's neck tattoo

Alex and Bill....Hannah and Bill....Brett Farve looking at Becky (who waved to him)!


Laura worked but had some nice buffets in Southwest lounges

More to come...If you would like your pictures here, please just email them to me!

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