Thanksgiving 2008

Daphne's Kindergarten Program

Each child was given a coffee filter filled with popcorn, mm's, pretzels, and cheese cubes.  And apple juice to drink.
It was a kindergardeners version of a perfect dinner!  They were all VERY thankful!


Dinner at Phil's

Lindsey and Jeremy....Ma and Kathy

Terry, Phil, Ma and Kenny....Kathy and Terry

Dinner at the Hineses

The Ditmars came for dinner.
Paul (John's Dad), John and Terry....Terry and Helen (John's Mom)



So we all had a wonderful dinner!  And a fun time!
But we were so busy eating and laughing that we didn't take any pictures during that time.
So here's a picture of the table cloths.

Grandma Kathy with the girls and the capes she made for them.
Erin is chewing on one of the snakes Grandma Kathy made for the boys.
Erin and Daphne put a cape on Jack.
He liked it.  Brendan admires it.

Hannah and Owen....Daphne....Brendan squinting because he knows the flash is going to go off.

Jean playing Christmas music on the clarinet....Erin brushing her teeth in the living room

Fireman Shamus visited....Michele and Trevor stopped by for a while

Trying to get a good group picture of my grandkids and granddog.  Sigh

Bill and Owen....Bill in a cool shirt

Owen can almost see some of the scenery on the way to Pat's

Visit with Pat

Bridget putting hats on Brendan.....And then tickling him....Bridget and Darren

Owen and Brendan....Alissa....Pat....Daphne, Brendan and Erin playing Reindeer

Eating the food that Pat bought on the picnic table that Pat, Bridget and Darren made.  Owen running for joy!  View from inside

So we walked down to the retention pond where we went on a cruise during a recent flood.
The kids liked playing on the hill....until they saw this:

The kids were thrilled to find such a magical place!

The adults had a great time too!

Alissa....Kathy and Owen....Bridget and Darren

Pat....Alissa....Alissa and Bridget


Erin....Owen climbs a giant step....Alissa....Brendan gives Erin a push

Darren waits for and then catches Owen

Then it was time to fly......We went from Kids World to:

Bass Pro Shop

Outdoor World

While waiting to see Santa, the kids played
Daphne with a remote-controlled truck....Owen....Daphne shows us her chain

Brendan shows us his chain
Neither Jean nor I had a brush or comb so we got these tools, took Erin and Daphne into a tent, and did their hair!
Erin and Daphne look at the pretty decorations

Coloring is serious business

Playing in a tent....Sitting on Santa's lap....Leaving after dark

The picture taken with Santa (free from Bass Pro Shop)!

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