Thanksgiving 2017

At The Lahm Home

Great company and great food (including my canberry sauce)

I really like Jean's pot filler!

Owen and Minerva....Terry and the Thanksgiving table

After dinner activities.....electronics and sleep.  We actually had four pies for six

Hobo Thanksgiving at The Sequoia Inn

Erin and I headed to Byron for a couple of days of fun (Daphne was pretty sick with a sore throat)

Nick, Hannah and Erin play Plinko for a sucker....Pictures on the lawn

The Corn Ball on the lawn with this cryptic plaque

At the bakery where we had hot chocolate....very nice place

I like this plate! Time to open gifts

Alex and the leg lamp....Hannah and Nick....Hannah and Bill playing with Bill's slot maching

Hannah and Nick....Becky likes soft fuzzy stuff

Sadie likes her "candy" cane...Alex....Kathy and her Star Wars lamp (See it in action on the next website)

Erin with Brianna's little dog

Hannah, Erin, Brianna and I played games until 1 a.m.....lots of laughing....Hannah and Erin's Bananagram tiles ran into each others at the word "ion"

Playing games after church....Grandma Kathy's fancy slippers....We had a lot of fun!

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