Black Friday Shopping


Jean gave me stuff from her latest Funeral Convention....The table....Jeff and Jean get the food ordered from "Whole Foods" ready for our dinner

Every year we watch the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinatti

The boys in their element and enjoying our wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner

I watched the Bears game and then we played our own version of "Pictionary Man"

I picked up Daphne and Erin and we went Black Friday Shopping at Shopko in Demotte
I was pleased because they had two doorbusters I wanted and they had them both in stock
Then we moved on to Walmart in Rensselaer where we got a lot of great deals and it wasn't very crowded
Daphne drove and parked like her Grandma Kathy....Also shown, some of our bargains

I rearranged the dining room and front room to put up my two trees
I didn't know anyone would run into the light until Erin did (I'm too short for that problem)
Daphne vented her problem of posing for pictures on the board on the refrigerator

We got matching Care Bear pajamas
Erin checking the picture she just took of Daphne
Daphne showing us the gross amount of cheese she put on her cracker
Playing in the hall

Posing in our pajamas....Picture of Erin in the morning with her hood up

Erin and I dropped Daphne off at basketball practice and finished our shopping at Guitar Center

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