And Black Friday


Featuring:  Grandma Kathy, Jeff, Jean, Brendan, Owen
And Later, Daphne and Erin

Jean carves the turkey while Elton John sings....The beautiful table....Jean always makes me bring my own "Canberry Sauce"


The boys and I played with dinosaur colorforms....silly stuff

Every year we watch the WKRP Thanksgiving Episode, so this year I bought a shirt for much fun

Eating pie

So Jean, the boys and I played Apples to Apples
You know, someone plays a card and the rest of the players try to play a card that sorta matches it.
So we played a few normal hands.
Then the Lahm Rules kicked in.
First, you had to try to match the opposite of the thrown card.
Later, the main player could lay down three cards and other players had to match at least one.
The next thing I knew, everyone was playing three cards!
I'm not sure I have The Lahm Rules correct, but it was at least that crazy!

It was a very successful party....Jeff fell asleep!

Black Friday With Daphne and Erin

Thanksgiving night we tried WalMart in Rensselaer and then Target in Lafayette.  No real luck in either place.
We were discouraged but the girls had "food" from White Castle and Erin made a star with the containers.

Daphne made a list of stores to try in Southlake Mall on my little van clipboard.
Erin grabbed a handful of Daphne's lunch and Daphne looked on kindly as older sisters do.
Southlake Mall was the place for great bargains.  The Mall opened at 8 and we were there by 10.
And there were tons of "doorbusters" still in place.
We were thrilled and got a lot of great deals!
This is our future Black Friday destination!

We stopped at Home Depot where I got a snow blower on sale and we had dinner at one of our favorite places to eat!

Back at my house, I turned on both fireplaces (the gas one and the one on tv)
The girls chilled and decided to spend another night with me.
Very fun!

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