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The Farmer's Daughter Hotel (where Jean and Laura stayed)



Our room, and the "Wall of winners" at the hotel


The line for TPIR (which started by 11 p.m. the night before) and the nearby Farmer's Market

Sadly, none of us were called to Contestant's Row.  So, we headed to
Malibu for seafood.  Laura, AKA "Red Bull" poses with horns.

Jodee and Jen, after calling police about a kidnapping.

Jodee and Laura pose with Jack's better half, Jen and Josie, a
friendly game of Twister, and Jodee inspects the corn, of course.

Jodee and Jen, Jean, and leftovers.

Jodee and Jack ......Jen, Althea, Larry, Jodee, Laura, Jean, Jack, Jen and Josie

Laura and Jack pose for a photoshoot on the beach for "Sizzling Hot Summer Babes" Magazine.

Some pictures from Jen:

Group Picture...Laura, Jodee, Jean...Jen and Jack

The Farmer's Daughter....Jackpot!

Jack gets his eyebrows waxed in LA....Jen, Jodee, and Jack get pedicures in LA


Can you guess these eyes?  Be the first to get them all right and win a TPIR postcard!!!  
(Excludes all travelers on this trip and their immediate families--but guess anyway--it's fun!)

The Eyes will be revealed on September 1, 2005.

Congratulations to Leah Johnson, the winner of the postcard!







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