Tree Down!

June, 2012

Our area had 90 MPH winds

It was a huge black oak tree

It barely brushed against the garage....we were so lucky!

View from Terry's driveway....and the front of the house

This branch came off another tree that was hit by the fallen one

Terry called Jeff and he and the entire family were here in about an hour!

We all did a ton of work

Terry hauled the cut and split wood to the back yard....Jeff will get it when he needs it

The next morning we still had a lot to do

Jeff split all the wood that needed splitting
It takes him five strikes to split each one

Laura and the girls showed up for clean-up....Tessa and Jean manned the rakes....Loading the leaves....Jeff still splitting

Tessa got worn out....Chasing down a tree frog and taking it to the back yard

Less than 24 hours after the fall, the mess was cleaned up!

And the burning has begun

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