Turkey Run State Park

July, 2009

Featuring:  Kathy, Laura, Daphne and Erin

Around the Campsite

Erin setting up camp....View of Kathy's little blue tent...Good Morning!....Bathed in the morning light

Erin noticed the Moon out during the day....Eating breakfast....Friends brought along....Daphne

Erin jumping for joy....Daphne riding her bike

Although we had raccoons come to our campsite, we didn't see them because we were sleeping

Sunday Night....Trails 6 and 7

The beginning of Trail 7....Erin, Kathy and Daphne....Blurred Daphne

In Turkey Hollow on Trail 6

At Sunset Point

Exploring a stream....Climbing up

Monday....Trail 3 and Canoeing
On the Suspension Bridge....The beginning of Trail 3

Wedge Rock


The Punch Bowl

The girls really liked hiking--except for the skinned knees (Daphne one and Erin two)

Posing in the beautiful scenery

At the Ladders

     Half way through our canoeing trip, we tipped and fell in water over our heads with a fast current.  We made it to safety and some kids on tubes and two kayakers retreived our canoe and stuff.  Laura and I each lost a camera, she lost a new watch and our cell phones were down for a couple of days.  The girls were a bit shook up but they got over it on the rest of our canoe trip.

     We were so disheartened we decided to go home a day early.  Sigh.  But we all finally recovered nicely and all is well.

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