Universal Studios

March 28-April 1-April 2, 2016

Grandma Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen

First day at Universal Studios....We are wearing our Harry Potter shirts

Day Two....Grandma Kathy wore the same shirt (cleaned) but everyone else was different.

Best picture of all of us smiling....and having a lot of fun

Jean's video and pictures with comments from her Facebook page:

The obligatory "Here are my feet and this is my view" picture. The kids are in there somewhere. The brothers struttin' around. Daphne in the raft, instructing the others how to jump, and then rating them. #firstbornsrule Swimming with Granny!
I loved watching my Pearlie Girlies interact in the pool. Reminds me of me and my sisters at that age. The kids enjoyed feeding the Koi at the resort! Brendan said, "This resort is teeming with wildlife". Damn: so proud of him for the use of the word "teeming". Plus, love that he loves all things nature just like his daddy. So, yes. We won a trivia contest. We competed against 8 teams, and we were tied with another team. In the tie-breaking round, nobody got a single question correct, so we went into the ultimate tie-breaking Super Round: Rock, Paper, Scissors. We sent our best competitor to play for us, and Erin won it for us, naturally. I didn't have a doubt in my mind.
Walking the resort at night; the goggles really make this look. We had a nice view of Epcot's fireworks at night. Daphne is a teenager now, which means she can sip a Starbucks and text during anything - even surfing! Teenagers text even when they're strolling through Hollywood. She's so talented!
Love this lady! Daphne was my navigator the whole trip; driving in Orlando, walking through the two Universal parks and getting around our massive resort. She has freakish navigational skills. She's also just awesome in general! A little wet from a water ride. He says he still looks cool. My Greek Mythology lover absolutely loved Poseidon's Fury! Ahh.....I will never, ever forget this fountain. Brendan accidentally dropped his prescription glasses in it. Six people (including some strangers) dipped arms in there searching for them and came up empty. After consulting with 2 different park employees, I managed to dig them out from a way-back spot and needless to say half of my body went in there, too. It was actually quite refreshing, and Brendan wasn't grounded for a year. A win-win!
Doh! The 11-ers - typical. Owen's new best friend, a very funny, interactive fountain. He truly could have stayed here all day. Mel's Diner at Universal. As we were dining, we heard my dad's signature song, "Chantilly Lace"...my mom and I cracked up!
Granny in all her splendor! Welcome....to Jurassic Park! The mischievous Weasley poses in front of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. We call these two the "Vowels". Erin definitely has a way with Owen; we call her the "Owen Whisperer".
Meeting up with neighbor friends! with Melanie 'Wehrmann' Tameling. Owen, Brendan, Robby and Emma. Melanie 'Wehrmann' Tameling and Elise! Granny's sweet and innocent grandkids love taking close-up photos of her nose. We wrote haiku poems using Story Cubes as our muse; Owen was giddy laughing at his own haiku. OMG.

Bonnet Creek Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL

Tower 6 on the 10th floor
Dining room, kitchen, living room and lamp I like
The girls bedroom is to the right in front of one of the TVs (we had 4 of them)

Daphne and Erin share the master suite....They clean their floor for Grandma...Brendan put himself in the corner....No, I don't know why

The washer and dryer....The hall to the other wing....Shared vanity....The Lahm suite

Owen giving himself bunny ears in Grandma Kathy's bed....Brendan in the fancy, moving chair....Our balcony....The entrance to our tower
Why yes, the boys did indeed welcome some guests to the tower by yelling to them

5 pools
2 lazy rivers
2 water slides
Several spas/hot tubs
We were all so glad Jean scheduled two days to hang around the resort!

Of course we went swimming the first night we were there!  Brendan needed two floats to totally enjoy the water.

Brendan continued his float stacking....Then people helped him get to eight!

Brendan and Owen....Owen jumping in....Owen spraying Brendan and Erin

The girls and I saw baby ducks thiiiiis close to getting in the water to swim.
We hung around in the area for a while and checked on them several times.
We never saw them in the water....sigh.

While I was checking the pictures at home, I noticed the BOYS saw the baby ducks in the water!

Views of the resort and the lake in the middle of it.

Owen on the boardwalk that encircles the lake....Daphne and Erin got hair beads

Daphne and Erin feeding the koi with koi food sold by the resort

First a few koi.....Then a bunch of them....Then a turtle joins in.....Finally a duck comes along

I don't understand why we never play normal games.
Erin had her story cubes with her....a gift from Auntie Jeannie.
So we each had to write stories from the cubes.
Did I say stories?
No, we each had to create haiku.
Some haiku were thoughtful and insightful.
Most of them were very funny.
Owen could hardly breathe while reading one of his because it had the word poop in it.

Grandma Kathy....Jean....Daphne....Brendan....The vowels (Erin and Owen)

Universal Studios

What our rental van looked like....Real bored waiting for Jean to get her coffee....Just kidding, this was posed as a joke....Fun stuff

Harry Potter

Amazing builings

Dancers performed
Butterbeer was very good.....Erin even bought butterbeer fudge
Owen shows Brendan how to use the magic wand we bought at Ollivanders
Jean and Daphne are on this roller coaster...The rest of us are not
The Hogwarts Express traveled between the two Universal Parks and was a lot of fun to ride

Owen's favorite was Jurassic Park...The Eleveners....Erin wore the Photopass lanyard....Owen and Brendan

Poseidan's Fury

Fun adventure

Seuss Landing

Colorful area....Random picture of our shoes (except for Jean's....she wasn't on this train ride with us)


Brendan ate his entire meal using only a toothpick


Storm, Dr. Doom, Spiderman, Wolverine and Cyclops

The Blues Brothers

The sax player ran into Jean....The show....The bros arriving....The bros on stage....Jean shaking her tailfeather

Elwood following Jean and the boys....The Bluesmobile....Erin and Daphne


Pictures by Erin:  A Band....A Parade....Shrek 4D

The Talking Fountain

The Talking Fountain was great.  The boys loved talking to it.  When Jean finally had to tell the boys it was time to go......
The fountain said (in a sing-song voice), "Somebody got the hook."......cracked me up

Brendan's Glasses Lost and Stunt Show

Brendan's glasses fell off in this fountain....Jean sent us in to the Stunt Show and joined us after she found them

Time to Leave

The boys posed for this picture in our lobby at 5 am ish....The girls still hold hands during turbulence

Waiting at the Indianapolis Airport

Waiting in Indy for Jean to get the van....Check out the mini people at Erin's feet....Adorable

A bench and a chair....love them!

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