Fishing in Watersmeet, Michigan

June, 2004

Featuring:  Kathy and Terry Ward, Jeff and Nancy Lahm, Jeffrey and Jean                  Lahm and Dick and Michelle Roark.

The Cabin


The big bedroom....Jeffrey and Caesar....a sign Jean put on the door....Kathy on the very tall swing.


The taxidermy display in the main room.  And the stuffed Raccoon.

Wildlife We Saw

We saw a lot of deer!...and a muskrat by the deck.

A Bald Eagle!

A loon and a toy loon Kathy bought Terry.

There was a Hummingbird feeder right outside the window.  And we saw a Porcupine on the road at night!

Private Concert

Jeff, Dick, Nancy....Michelle and Jeff....Jeffrey and Jean
Jeff and Dick played for us one evening and it was great!


Musky, Walleye, Northern, Bass, Crappie and Blue Gill
We caught all these fish except a Musky!

Heading out.

Pretty lake.....Whitecaps on the water....Jeff and Nancy.

Jeffrey and Terry....Terry and Jeff.


Terry....He held one fish close to the camera so it would look bigger!

So Kathy caught a small Blue Gill.  Rather than take it off the hook (cuz that's yucky), she used it as bait.  Actually she was just practicing her casting.  And then she caught an 18 inch Northern!  Jeffrey took it off the hook for her and Jean took the pictures.  Jeffrey made her throw it back because Northerns have to be 24 inches to keep (and Jeffrey watches a lot of fishing shows where all they do is "catch and release" the fish).  Everyone cracked up!  It was the "catch of the day"....but not even close to the catch of the week.  And Kathy bragged about it on her "cell phone"

The Dog in the Boulder City Bait Shop

There was a big, beautiful dog in the Bait Shop.  He was very friendly.  Then he went and got his toy to play with.  He laid down and put his head on it.  Then Jean went to pet him.  It was the first time I ever saw a dog with his own "boopie"....that's what we call Daphne's little dragging blanket.

Jean and Kathy Drive Around To See Some Sights

Giant Statue of Hiawatha in Ironwood and some pretty trees (Kathy is sitting on a foot in the third picture).

Some of the signs we saw.



The Really Wonderful Waterfalls and a picture of Lake Superior.

Heading Home


Jeff and Nancy's van....Jeffrey's truck and the loon antenna thingy.

A pumpkin on a silo....Kathy and Jean were playing the fill in the letter game.....Jean decided the square was too boring so she came up with some other shapes for the game.  Kathy and Jean also played Yahtzee, Cinqo, Mirror Writing, 4th Grade Trivia and Wheel of Fortune in the truck on the way home.

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