The Three Sisters in Wisconsin

October, 2001

Getting gas on a
cloudy, windy day
One of our few winning lottery tickets Notice how the goofy I-pass booth is in the middle of the row of toll booths! The paper they give you when you confess you accidently went through an I-pass lane
Riding through O'Hare....we did this twice A pretty rest area in Wisconsin Eileen's handy, free compass from Burger King Kathy cooking in Mary's apartment
Mary Corbet
7523 Rohlich Court
Middleton, WI
Maxx in a bag Mary's hat o'pins Mary's 351 keychainsMary still collects keychains so you can send any you think she might like to the above address
Notice there are no lines on the road to Reedsburg.  I guess they really meant it when they said the road was under construction. The Norman Rockwell Museum The Video of Norman Rockwell we watched
The inside of the musuem Mary and Eileen checking out the scrapbooks A light bulb on a chair under a plastic working surface
Some pictures we really liked
An old grain bin Longley's Restaurant and Shortley's Bar The store where we bought some cheese Eileen's 1992 Honda
The Mustard Museum in Mt. Horeb, WisconsinInside the Mustard MuseumInside the Mustard MuseumMary watching the video about mustard
A Mustard cartoonApparently the first M & M was yellow and named for "Mother" and "Mustard"Mustard used to paint curbs
Mt. Horeb is also home to a lot of trollsThis is a trollMary and Eileen in the car while I take goofy pictures
Some pretty Fall leaves Lunch at Ruby Tuesdays A weird sign in the widow for Becky
(Notice our reflections)
Eileen's WorkplaceEileen's NameplateEileen's OfficeEileen's Office
Some of the members of Eileen's cow collection
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