December, 2006

Billy Wrestling

Billy won his 2 matches at this dual tournament.  At the time, he was seated 2nd in the state for class 5a.




Bradford and Billy....The scoreboard

Christmas Eve

Danny, Teresa and Brian...Brandon, Billy and Bradford....Billy, Sr.

Linda and Danny....Danny and William....Billy's friend Bradford



Brian....Danny and Brian....Bradford and Bradford


Tulsa Nationals Wrestling Tournament

Here is a picture of Brandon after placing second at Tulsa Nationals Wrestling Tournament.
Notice the thumb on the right hand.  He broke it in his next to last match.  He wrestled 8 matches
finishing with 4 pins, 3 wins by points, and one loss 3-2 to the eventual winner of the tournament.

This picture is of Bradford Womack.  He also did very well with 3 wins.  He finished just out of medal contention.  Not bad for a beginner wrestler who was wrestling heavyweight against kids MUCH bigger.

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