Zoo Lights At Lincoln Park Zoo

New Years Eve 2018


Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan, Owen and Friend Emily

Jim, Sue, Kyle and Sarah

Renae and Allison Chorzempa

Thanks again for strangers who took our picture

Brendan took the picture of the big fish....As a matter of fact, he took about half of the pictures on this website

Daphne, Erin and Emily....And at the end, a mural in the lobby

Sue hydrating....Sarah, Kyle and Kathy....Erin, Daphne and Emily....Presents under the tree in the Showcase Room


Notice the tricycle and wagons from my childhood


Outside by dusk

The view of the city from the zoo....Emily and Daphne....Funny snow face

The flower house lit up and some of the planets

Fun ice sculptrues

Owen and Kathy.....We ducked into a house to get warm....Reptiles, why did it have to be reptiles?

Seriously, reptiles, my most hated zoo building! There were some critters I couldn't even take pictures of!

Kathy watched Owen climb through the ropes....Then we met up with Renae and Allison Chorzempa

The Merry-Go-Round....Kyle and Jim....Daphne, Emily and Erin....Renae and Allison

Owen....Renae and Allison....The girls went in a maze....With the lighting, dare I call it Purlpe Maze?



The zebra is my favorite

Em, Daph and Rin....And now with Allison who doesn't seem too happy with them....But with Mommy she is happy....My fellow photographer, Brendan

Allison comparing her hand to those of the animals

Then she represented all humans and played in a log

Allison smiling with Owen....Daphne and Chicago....Owen and Kathy

What a fun time and a great way to get ready to start 2019!

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