Happy Birthday Mary

Thanks to the Sweeneys for a fabulous celebration!

The Arrival.....Surprise!     Mary and Rita     Mary, Rita and Kelly     Dancing!

It really was a surprise!

The Grandchildren     The Grandchildren     Mary saying Thanks!     The Sweeney Girls in a huddle

Blowing out the candles      Frank, Mary and Rita     Brendan     Sean


The Munroes--Tara, Neil, Sean, Trish, Maureen, Brian, Terri and Marty     The Munroes with Pat standing in as Bobby     Sean     Mary and Marty


Marge, Frank and Rita     Dave and Lisa     Kevin

The Corbet Kids     Terry and Kathy     Jeff Lahm and Jean Ward     Jim and Laura Pistello

Jimmy and Laura     Laura and Jimmy     Jean, Kathy and Laura     Jean, Kathy and Laura     

Mike     Jim and Mike dancing     Mike and Kathy

Carrie and Cherie Dabbs     Carrie, Eileen and Cherie     Kathy and Pat     Mary     Jim and Sue Corbet


Melissa     Nick     Jean announces the singing of Happy Birthday

Singing and...

Jean, Kathy and Pat     Kathy learning the Electric Slide     Kathy learning the Electric Slide     Mary and Jim


The out takes:  the ones that we found on the cutting room floor.

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