You saw the here's the bad and the ugly

Jeff in Kathy's glasses     Jimmy in Kathy's glasses

Jeff and Jimmy wearing Kathy's glasses.

Kathy and Terry     Kathy and Terry     Terry and Kathy

Kathy and Terry

The Munroes with Pat standing in as Bobby     The Corbet Kids     The Corbet Kids     The Corbet Kids


Laura     Laura and Jean     Pat


Kathy and Mike     Mike, Jim and Pat     Mike, Jim, Pat and Kevin     Laura, Kevin and Jean

Closed Eyes

Jean feeding Jimmy an olive     Kathy, Sue, Mike, Pat and Carrie     Jean and Kathy

Laura, Jean and Kathy     Jeff and Terry     Mike with his Oscar De La Renta suit


Jean and Laura     Jean and Laura     Laura and Jean     Laura and Jean

Jean and Laura

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